July 13, 2013

sweet memories

my silence has been due to general busyness. it's too much to explain here what exactly i've been busy doing. but i would imagine that anyone reading this knows what the past year has held for my family and for me. these past months have been full - rich with memories, each one touched by the precious nature of each moment of life. 

as i kissed my daddy for the final time in this life, i was immersed in thankfulness that i was able to be right there -- beside him, beside my mom, beside my sister -- for that moment. the pain has been unbearable at moments, but i can honestly say that there has been a peace carrying me through this past month. the Lord has been near, even in my moments of numbness, questions and fear. He has shown Himself true to His promise that He is near to the brokenhearted. my sweet husband & baby girl have brought comfort and joy into the shadows too. 

i know many that have been praying for us are still praying and for that i am deeply touched and thankful. my family has had the great blessing of togetherness during this season. we appreciate it, as my brother, sister, mother and i all live in different places. my sister will return home with her family in a week's time. michael and i will stay for another month with my mom. i have been amazed at the strength and peace that i have witnessed in my family over these past few months - especially in my father and my mother. we are broken and miss my dad so desperately sometimes, but can still laugh together, hold each other, and pray together. 

now for some photos… i will try to post more, specifically more of people OTHER than vera & my dad, but these were the ones that i was most drawn to, looking through our camera… all were taken by michael...

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